Bangalore Days!!

By Satchitanand Jasiwal - 1st Year BBA Student


I happened to visit BANGALORE in 2017 with my cousins who lived there. Ever since then, I am in love with the city for several reasons. It’s been almost 5 years and this city feels like my second home. Coming from the northern part of India and studying in different parts of the country, I’ve experienced a healthy taste for culture and diversity here.

Bangalore is blessed when it comes to weather, such a beautiful climate. When I first moved to Bangalore, I felt awestruck! There were a series of things lined up here, it was overwhelming. Nevertheless what I love the most about the city is the beauty, a walk alongside the Garden City is very much a walk to remember. It’s a Bliss!!

The city despite being a global business destination never disappoints in the variety of cuisines it offers from German to Korean, Japanese to the Mediterranean and what not?!

Well, this city has my all heart and love.

I love you Bangalore !!


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