Everybody Can Dance, it’s the Drive and Passion that Makes you a Dancer.’

By Sirija Reddy - 1st Year BBA Student


I am Sirija Reddy currently pursuing my BBA .

I have been passionate about dance since my childhood. Passion for dance comes from within and it is this passion that makes one realize that you were born to dance. When we dance, we connect with music that affects our bodies, our thoughts, and our minds. Dance taught me a lot in life, including self-confidence and self-esteem. It gives me the ability to listen to my inner self and emotions and to understand and control my feelings. Dance is deeply personal, and it reflects something within us that only we can do with the world. From all that I have been through and from all these years of dancing I can tell that dance is more than just a sport, it’s a passion.

I would like to share my beautiful dance journey in a few words. I began dancing when I was 7 years old. I joined a classical dance class under Jyothi Garu. I enjoyed dancing so much that I could dance for hours and be ready to do the same all over again the next day. I participated in several dance programs and won the state-level dance competition when I was 14. When I was 15yrs old I had to make the most difficult decision of my life, I had to leave my dance class and move on to a new place. I was emotionally and mentally connected with art and my master that I could not even think of leaving the place and going to a different place. I felt like leaving the place was equal to leaving the art I love the most and that it meant I had to leave my master who has been my mentor for 8 long years. Even though it was a very tough time I made it through. As they say, all that happens for a good reason and this transition changed my whole perception of dance. It helps me grow better as an artist and overall as a person.

Initially, I regretted that I had to come here and start my whole dance journey again but then, I realized that I have learned way more things other than just dance which a dancer and an artist need. Our dance sir Guru Rukmaji Rao taught us that a dancer should be disciplined, focused, and determined. He taught us the 10 qualities of a dancer.

He quotes

“Javaha Sthiratwam Rekha cha

Bhramari Drishti Shramaha

Medha Shraddha Vacho Geetham

Paathra praanaa Dasha Smruthaha”

Javaha – Agility of a dancer

Agility and nimbleness are important qualities of a dancer.

Sthirathwam – Steadiness

Steadiness is a factor of how well a dancer’s body balances as well as maintains the centre of mass as the body moves through space.

Rekha – Clean graceful lines

Clean and graceful lines are key to attaining perfection for any dancer. It is the spatial arrangement of the limbs and other upangas with the main anga without losing the integrity of the overall aesthetics.

Brahmari – Perfecting circular movements

Perfection of circular movements is critical to a dancer. The perfect sense of balance and spatial composition is essential to attain this quality. I think Brahamri can be attained only after Javaha, Sthiratwam and Rekha have been perfected.

Drishti – Eye movements

The eyes are the mirror into your soul. For a dancer, it is an important asset to make a connection to the rasika(audience) and to drive the focus and concentration to the movements thus adding beauty and grace to the presentation.

Shramaha – Hard work and Perseverance

Like everything else in life, hard work is the only way a dancer can attain his/her best.

Medha – Intelligence

Intelligence and the quest for knowledge will raise any dancer to greater heights.

Shradha – Devotion/Focus

Devotion/Focus on the art form will set the dancer’s mind to imbibe the concepts fruitfully.

Vacho – Art of speaking well

Being able to articulate well is what Vacho stands for.

Geetham – Knowledge of music

Knowledge of music is inevitable for a dancer.

This lesson has changed my whole perception of dance and this lesson has been a pillar of my confidence, courage, and passion to dance.




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