Your First Step into the Business World

By Varshitha K - 1st Year BBA Student


How can a BBA degree help me start a business? Read on to find out how to take your first step in the field of business. Today’s business world is evolving and more dynamic than ever. Students who wish to enter the field of management can best do this by pursuing a BBA specialization. The first step into the business world is through a degree like BBA. But what is BBA? Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree program divided into six semesters. The program includes all aspects related to business operations including finance, human resources, marketing, sales, administration, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

Students get an in-depth understanding of various business functions and processes that help in decision-making. Subjects like Entrepreneurship give the students ample opportunities to collaborate and work with peers. Having a fair amount of business knowledge as a base is important to get started with the idea of starting your own business.

And do you know what is the beauty in holding a BBA degree? A BBA degree holder will be able to fit in every or any organization. Who knew that this one piece of a degree paper would hold so much value because in a BBA degree one can opt for an end number of career options and a BBA degree holder will be able to fit in every or any organization? to run any business successfully one needs to understand a few fundamentals like Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship or otherwise the factors of production. Even to utilize the benefits provided by the Government you need to have certain practical and theoretical knowledge about business, and this is what a BBA degree helps you to get.  One of the most trending waves in the market is having a start-up. Even the Indian Government is supporting this initiative of fledge. Currently, there are fifty plus schemes to support the start-ups in the country. BBA degree also helps an individual to gain overall functions and management of a business, and this lays the foundation for any start-up, apart from this BBA students are also exposed to a lot of practical aspects of businesses, Industrial visits, entrepreneurship workshops, start-up competitions, B-Plan competitions support and strengthens the knowledge of the individual in the business arena.

Oh! and do you also know the best part in doing BBA?

  • Syllabus is designed to understand the business well and develop as a successful management individual.
  • Classes conducted through a modern approach- case studies, practical classes, and role-plays to strengthen students’ overall personality development.
  • Special focus on body language, communication and leadership skills.
  • Every student gets individual attention.
  • Exposed to practical sessions like Entrepreneurship workshops, Start-up events and competition.
  • Various activities designed to meet the current need of the industries like innovative thinking, time management skills, team player skills, customer understanding and relationship etc.

Still worried and your thoughts are not supporting you? don’t worry I’ve got you covered because our Indian government will give you all the support that you need in starting your business in the following ways

There are more than fifty plus plans to cater to the start-up companies currently. List of few Start-up schemes-Support for International Patent Protection in Electronics & Information Technology (SIP-EIT)

  • Software Technology Park (STP) Scheme
  • The Venture Capital Assistance Scheme
  • Credit Guarantee
  • Raw Material Assistance
  • Infrastructure Development Scheme
  • MSME Market Development Assistance
  • National Awards (Individual MSEs)
  • Scale-up Support to Establishing Incubation Centres
  • Udaan Training Programme for Unemployed Youth Of J&K
  • Loan for Rooftop Solar PV Power Projects
  • Stand Up India


Now that you understood what BBA is, understood the benefits of BBA and you got all the support that you need for kick-starting your fantastic business idea, go on and make this world a better place. There are many start-ups that are born every day and die almost the other day. For a start-up to be successful some amount of business knowledge is important and BBA is one such degree that provides a great platform for individuals who want to build their start-up. Now even the government is encouraging individuals to start their own businesses.



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